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Creative therapy




Creative therapy is a special and authentic approach to counselling and psychotherapy.


Where 'talking therapies' may sometimes consider too difficult, working through different art techniques and the imagination can present a new dimension. There is no pressure to find the exact words to express a feeling and it is not always essential to talk in detail about challenging or uncomfortable experiences - a picture can 'speak' for you.


Creative therapy explores using images - within art, clay, sound, or sand. The image that is inside your own head will help the therapist into an understanding of your world and experience. It is not essential to be arty in any professional sense – however, we all have a creative side but are often not urged to use this in our day to day lives.


Creative therapy presents a safe space to discover emotions in an imaginative and productive way. Every illustration made reveals its own narrative and is a valid representation for the individual. Creative therapy is suitable for adults and children, both individually and in groups.


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