C.O.L.E Counselling

Consolidation Of Life Experience



Play therapy




What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy aids children to understand jumbled feelings and disturbing experiences that they haven’t had the opportunity to sort out properly. Rather than having to describe what it is disturbing them, children are encouraged to use play to convey at their own stage and at their own speed, without experiencing pressure or being questioned.


How can Play Therapy help my child?

Play is essential to each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical, creative and language development. It supports all children and young people together with those who verbal communication may be difficult.


Play Therapy helps children in a range of ways. Children obtain emotional support and can understand more about their own emotions and thought processes. Occasionally they may re-enact or play out distressing or complicated life experiences to make sense of their past and cope in good health with their future. Children may also learn to cope with interactions and disputes in more suitable ways.


Play Therapy